The Baker Foundation at MIT

Mission Statement: To perpetuate the memory of Dean Everett Moore Baker

"... our colleges have placed too much emphasis on the imparting and gaining of knowledge and too little on developing opportunities for the acquisition of wisdom and understanding." - Dean Baker

Dean Baker

The late Dean Baker was known throughout the country as an outstanding educator, administrator and theologian. He had attained wide recognition in recent years as a speaker at student conferences and institutes. In August he had flown to Bombay, India, to address the annual conference of the International Student Service of which he was chairman. This organization with the cooperation of the American World Student Service Fund was instrumental in bringing foreign students to the United States for study in American institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Baker had always maintained a keen interest in the activities of young people. His own interest in outdoor activities and sports led to his association with boys' camps early in his career, a field in which he remained active until his death.

A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, and Dartmouth College, class of 1924, Dean Baker undertook graduate work at the Harvard Divinity School, completing his studies there in 1929. In 1937, he was elected Vice President of the American Unitarian Association, following a period of active church work throughout New England. In addition to general administrative work, he directed the publishing business of the Unitarian denomination and its fund raising campaign.

Before coming to the Institute in 1947, Dean Baker served as minister of the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland he acted as Chairman of the Unitarian War Service Council under whose auspices he edited and published a book of readings for men and women in the service entitled "Think on These Things." Over three million copies of the book were distributed to men and women in the armed forces. Dr. Baker was president of the Unitarian Ministerial Union from 1944 to 1949, and had been a member of the board of directors of the American Unitarian Association for several years. In 1948 he was elected to a one-year term as president of the Dartmouth Alumni Association.

Under Dean Baker's guidance the Office of the Dean of Students expanded its authority and responsibility in all aspects of student welfare. Both the athletic program and the system of student government received special attention and attained their proper place in the undergraduate program.


Long Term Initiatives

The Baker Foundation takes part in multi-year projects to improve particular aspects of the MIT community. One of our long term partners is the PKG foundation.

Baker Fellowships

Baker Fellows are MIT students who choose to work on sustainable community service projects that build capacity for underserved communities locally, nationally, or internationally.


The Foundation elicits student initiatives that enhance the undergraduate experience. Apply for funding below.

Teaching Award

The Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is presented to faculty members, in recognition of exceptional interest and ability in the instruction of undergraduates. This is the only teaching award in which the nomination and selection of the recipients is done entirely by the students. The award is given in memory of Everett Moore Baker, Dean of Students from 1947-1950.

Check out this MIT News article regarding the most recent recipient, Professor Amah Edoh.

Recent Recipients
  • 2022: Professor Moe Win, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • 2021: Professor Edmund Bertschinger, Department of Physics
  • 2020: Professor Amah Edoh, Department of HASTS
  • 2019: Professor Ibrahim Cissé, Department of Physics
  • 2018: Professor Anna Mikusheva, Department of Economics
  • 2017: Professor Tracy Slatyer, Department of Physics
  • 2016: Professor Srinivas Devadas, EECS
  • 2015: Professor Tonio Buonassisi, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2014: Professor William A. Tisdale
  • 2013: Professor Allan Adams, Department of Physics
  • 2012: Professor Edward M. Greitzer, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • 2011: Professor Krishna Rajagopal, Department of Physics
Past Recipients:

  • 1963 Alan Lazarus, Course 8
  • 1964 Amar Bose, Course 6
  • 1965 Charles Holt III, Course 7
  • 1966 Hubert Dreyfus, Course 9
  • 1966 Willard Frey, Course 15
  • 1966 Daniel Kemp, Course 5
  • 1966 Samuel Todes, Course 9
  • 1967 Albert Gurney, Jr., Course 21L
  • 1968 John Graves, Course 21
  • 1968 Robert Kolenkow, Course 8
  • 1968 Rainer Weiss, Course 8
  • 1969 Louis Bucciarelli, Jr.
  • 1970 Ducan Foley, Course 14
  • 1970 William Krout
  • 1971 Daniel Mills, Course 15
  • 1972 Suzanne Buckle, Course 11
  • 1972 Leonard Buckle, Course 11
  • 1973 Sanford Kaye, Course 21
  • 1973 Richard Naylor, Course 12
  • 1973 James H. Williams, Jr., Course 2
  • 1974 William George Thilly, Nutrition
  • 1975 Joseph S. Brown, Course 21
  • 1975 Ihab H. Farag, Course 10
  • 1976 Murray J. K. Biggs, Course 21
  • 1976 Woodie C. Flowers, Course 2
  • 1982 Frank Morgan, Course 18
  • 1983 T. Alan Hatton, Course 10
  • 1987 Brian Smith, Course 17
  • 1987 Theoharis Theoharis, Course 21L
  • 1988 Sylvia Ceyer, Course 5
  • 1988 Louis Menand III, Course 17
  • 1989 Charles Stewart III, Course 17
  • 1989 Jeremy Wolfe, Course 9
  • 1990 Paul Lagace, Course 16
  • 1990 Michael F. Rubner, Course 3
  • 1990 Thomas Simmons, Course 21W
  • 1991 Margery Resnick, Course 21F
  • 1991 Robert Silbey, Course 5
  • 1991 Steven Strogatz, Course 18
  • 1992 Jesus A. delAlamo, Course 6
  • 1992 Eric Lander, Course 7
  • 1993 Daniel Kemp, Course 5
  • 1993 Louis V. Galdieri, Course 21L
  • 1994 C. Michael Mohr, Course 10
  • 1994 Alan V. Oppenheim, Course 6
  • 1995 Kirk D. Kolenbrander, Course 3
  • 1995 Elena Ruehr, Course 21M
  • 1996 Candace Royer, DAPER
  • 1996 Janet Sonenberg, Course 21M
  • 1997 Not Awarded
  • 1998 Stephen Bell, Course 7
  • 1999 Daniel Frey, Course 2
  • 2000 Alan Guth, Course 8
  • 2001 Roger Kamm, Course 20
  • 2002 John Brisson, Course 2
  • 2002 Ernest Cravalho, Course 2
  • 2002 Barton Zwiebach, Course 8
  • 2003 Walter Lewin, Course 8
  • 2004 Donald Sadoway, Course 3
  • 2004 Sarah Tabacco, Course 5
  • 2005 Diana Henderson, Course 21L
  • 2005 Cathy Drennan, Course 5
  • 2006 David Wallace, Course 2
  • 2006 Kimberly Berkowski, Course 5
  • 2007 Samuel Bowring, Course 12
  • 2007 Joseph Sadighi, Course 5
  • 2008 Eric Hudson, Course 8
  • 2008 Heather Paxton, Course 21A
  • 2009 Scott Manalis, Course 20
  • 2010 Patrick Winston, Course 6
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    Who We Are

    Charlotte Wickert (Chair)

    Year: 2023
    Major: Physics (8) and Nuclear Science and Engineering (22)
    Living Group: Maseeh
    Fun fact: I crochet stuffed animals in my free time!
    What's important to me about the Baker Foundation: The Baker Foundation is important to me because it empowers students to use their own ideas to improve the lives of all undergrads.

    Emily Cheng (Chair)

    Year: 2024
    Major: Mathematics with Computer Science (18C)
    Living Group: Theta
    Fun fact: I've seen Mt. Everest!
    Whats important to me about the Baker Foundation: I love how we have the privilege to hear about and catalyze student-initiated projects that will improve student life. I thoroughly enjoy meeting fellow undergraduates and helping them bring their innovative ideas to life!

    Saketh Gabbita (Web Master)

    Year: 2024
    Major: EECS (6-2) and Mathematics (18)
    Living Group: Zeta Beta Tau
    Fun fact: I watched the entirety of Friends in two weeks.
    What's important to me about the Baker Foundation: It's very rewarding to see members of our community come up with spicy, new ideas to improve undergraduate life. I also enjoy meeting others through these avenues.

    Aaliya Hussain (Treasurer)

    Year: 2025
    Major: Management (15-1)
    Living Group: iHouse
    Fun fact: I love cardio!
    What's important to me about the Baker Foundation: The Baker Foundation gives students an avenue to directly shape MIT for the better and make their creative ideas a reality.

    Michael 'Mikey' Santoro (Advisor)

    Department: Office of the First Year
    Living Group: Off-Campus
    Fun fact: I high-fived Taylor Swift once.
    What's important to me about the Baker Foundation: The Baker Foundation allows for student’s voices to be heard and gives funding to great, engaging, and empowering events and projects that help make the MIT community stronger. It truly is a hidden gem of MIT!

    Professor William Tisdale (Advisor)

    Department: Chemical Engineering
    Living Group: Off-Campus
    Fun fact: Really wants to go to Disneyworld!
    What's important to me about the Baker Foundation: I enjoy meeting students from across campus and from different majors who are all passionate about making MIT a warmer, friendlier, and more fun place to be.


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